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What Does an Elevated C3 Complement Mean? A C3 test measures certain proteins in your bloodstream that work with your immune system. There are nine of these proteins (C1-C9), but C3 and C4 are the most commonly measured. Changes in the levels of these proteins can be an early warning sign of an inflammatory process somewhere in the body.

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Chromosome conformation capture techniques (often abbreviated to 3C technologies or 3C-based methods) are a set of molecular biology methods used to analyze the spatial organization of chromatin in a cell. These methods quantify the number of interactions between genomic loci that are nearby in 3-D space, but may be separated by many nucleotides in the linear genome.

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High Red Blood Cell Count: Symptoms, Meaning, Causes

Not necessarily. While a high red blood cell count can indicate a disease or disorder, it doesn't always mean you have a health condition. Other factors — like living at a high altitude — can also have an impact on your red blood cell count. But, if you have a high red blood cell count, it's always a good idea to have additional testing ...

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High C3, Normal C4? : lupus - reddit

Yet, there are huge problems with that. The liver is a wonderful machine at producing tons of C3 and C4 quickly as soon as it is used up in response to inflammation! That is why the vast majority of SLE patients have normal or high C3/C4 even during severe disease activity. The better test is to check for a CB-CAPS called EC4d.